Saturday, June 11, 2016

Two Greeks Whose Bones Are Lost in Egypt Now (Additions to the Apology Box)

              Alexander The Great's Sonnet

Sweet novelty of death!  You’ve heard my prayer,
O gods!  There’s more adventure!  I am not
Condemned to idleness.  In brief despair
My reason was confounded. I forgot

The underworld that can be molded by
My sword and genius, too.  Profounder war
Will justify me further.  O gods, I
Shall meld from parts a better whole.  Once more,

I’ll combine East and West and redefine
The normal taste in men--my own won’t be
Scorned but admired.  Good standards will be mine
And I the norm.  Have confidence in me,

Commission me, O Gods.  I’ll serve you well.
I’ll take my sword to every inch of hell!

                    Cleopatra VII's Sonnet

O gods, you should receive at least as large
A welcome as mere Romans had from me.
The Styx of course should waft me on a barge
To you with purple plumèd finery

At least as grand as that displayed before
Mere men.  You’ve no less right to girls perfumed
As sweetest flowers (or to soft skin that’s more
Inviting than a couch or to queens groomed

More perfectly than sculptures to be found
In shrines.)  You’ve no less right to unwrap each
Fold of some gentle garments that surround
A pleasure that lies well within your reach.

Gods, take me now so no fools ever can
Pretend that gods are favored less than man.

© Harold Anthony Lloyd 2016

The current contents of "The Apology Box" can be found here.

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