Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sonnet of John The Baptist (Addition to "The Apology Box")

             John The Baptist’s Sonnet
                    (A nomadic herald)

My one principal was God and as
His agent my one principle was God.
One principal and principle meant I
Ignored all call of urban artifice.

God tailored camels for a desert life.
Therefore, I clothed myself in camel skins--
How could mere John design a better wrap? 
With similar logic, I would not  rethink

The locust beans and honey God served there
That I preferred to any urban fare.
I was God's pristine voice that wilderness

Kept pure enough for Christ himself to hear--
Though urban folk were deaf and  Salome
Would have the mouth, not words upon a tray. 

© Harold Anthony Lloyd 2016
The current contents of "The Apology Box" can be found here.

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