Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Judas & Pilate Defend Themselves (Additions to "The Apology Box")

            Acrostic of Judas

Justice never punishes a deed
Unless it's evil, willed, and freely done.
Did I betray?  I did.  But fate forced me, 
And thus I did unfreely what the Lord
Set up instead as I shall briefly show.

Impelled by love, God had to make a world
Since isolation is love’s opposite.
Creation needed freedom all around--
An object of one’s love is not enslaved
Raising a contradiction:  what is free
Is free to sin and has a license that
Offends morality.  God's fix required
The incarnation penalty--not me.

            Pontius Pilate’s Defense

I was a “Roman prefect.”  Did I do
As Roman prefects should?  That is the gauge
Of any proper judgment.  (Reason looks
At purpose--we'd not judge a horse by ways
It climbs a tree, sings songs, or turns a phrase
Nor should we judge a prefect other ways.)

What was my prefecture?  It was a trust.
What was my trust?  It was my region and
My saddest case attests how well I served:
A Hebrew man was obviously insane
But hardly criminal.  I would not do
Him any harm in my capacity
As man--and yet I held a prefect’s trust
Requiring me to act as prefects must.

Though bound by law, still I was dexterous.
I tried to prod some answers from him I
Could interpose in his defense.  Yet he
Refused all my attempts.  Undaunted, I
Gave other lawful avenues a try.
I sent him to another court to plead.
When he refused, on Herod’s remand I
Then tried another option:  equity.
The conscience of the law could still release
The man--yet conscience also had its rules.
The crowd had to concur.  When it would not,
I had him whipped severely hoping that
That awful sight might satisfy their want.
Although that failed, I'm proud I exercised
All rights I had.  A lesser prefect might
Have done much less but I would sleep at night.

© Harold Anthony Lloyd 2016
The current contents of "The Apology Box" can be found here.

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