Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cyrus and Esther (Additions to the Apology Box)

     Cyrus The Great’s Proof

It’s wrong to disown any family.
We must be fair in hospitality
To every member. We may not despise
Another made in Heaven’s image.  Wise
Ones know the converse would be blasphemy.
We had to unify.  No boundary
Is moral.  Even Hebrews now are free
To come back in the fold, to realize
It’s wrong to disown any family.

Death can’t destroy your Image. Unity
Has to survive the grave and cannot be
Extinguished.  Live and dead must still comprise
A common brood.  We specters therefore rise
To meet you knowing that you will agree
It’s wrong to disown any family.

                      Esther's Sonnet

There’s bravery that’s physical in bed,
That’s cousin to the field of battle’s.  I
Burned with such valor from the day I wed
Another by whose whim I’d live or die.

I passed, had spies, laid trenches in the sheet.
I suffered the assaults but never gave
A true surrender.  I held till defeat
Had closed the enemy within his grave

With my assistance.  There’s no felony
In war’s attack, in what I had to do.
There are no lies or whores in battle.  We
Have heroes or we’ve cowards--just the two.

This star of Esther stayed though others fell:
By name, the heavens are where Esthers dwell.

© Harold Anthony Lloyd 2016

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