Monday, June 27, 2016

Ballade of King John (Addition to "The Apology Box")

                   Ballade Of John Lackland*
            (English king & Richard I's brother)

Although I spilled much blood in France, I would
Have spared it had I means.  But they gave me
No choice.  Vast English lands within France could
Not spurn their sovereign with impunity.
When Anjou, Maine, Poitou and Brittany
Rebelled, I therefore fought.  What choice had one
Who held the crown, who must thus faithfully
Protect the English realm?  God's will be done.

Yet, when the fighting came home, too, I would
Not fight those barons who might murder me
And bring down England, too.  I understood
Consent under duress is legally
Not binding.  With such practicality
I saved the crown and nation.  Having done
So, I proved John would ever faithfully
Protect the English realm.  God's will be done.

Likewise, I fought that "Innocent" who would
Behind misnomers do his treachery
(Like wolves in sheep skin).  Therefore, I withstood
That scheming Roman priest across the sea
Who smelled our English lambs here grazing free.
He would have fleeced them had the Lord picked one
Less faithful, had the Lord not ordered me:
"Protect the English realm!" God's will be done.

O Lord, I only ask for serving thee
Long days for Albion.  When anyone
Presents a threat, King John will forcefully
Protect the English realm.  God's will be done!

*According to various sources, the poet’s 24th great-grandfather through Thomas Yale and 26th great-grandfather through Anne Lloyd Yale.

© Harold Anthony Lloyd 2016
The current contents of "The Apology Box" can be found here.

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