Monday, July 11, 2016

Wittgenstein's Sonnet: No Pictures See Themselves (Addition to "The Apology Box")

    Wittgenstein’s Sonnet

When I was young, words worked a different way.
We hung them round like pictures on a wall
To replicate real objects.  Words used ink
Instead of photographic plates and dyes.

In replication either method worked
So long as illustration captured truth
By rendering objects as they really are.
What more to say?  It all seemed obvious

Until I pictured pictures without us.
No pictures see themselves, their objects, or
A world that is unfiltered by a mind.
Words and their objects are no different.  Thus,

Duck-rabbits now play games within the mind
Where certainty's more difficult to find.

© Harold Anthony Lloyd 2016
The current contents of "The Apology Box" can be found here.

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