Friday, July 15, 2016

Pope Urban II's Double Sonnet: Red Fields and Lucious Palaces (Addition to "The Apology Box")

        Pope Urban II’s Double Sonnet


Although we were God's advocate below,
We were a child of Adam, too, brought low
By sin.  We therefore beg forgiveness though
We did our duty.  Bravely, we brought low

The infidels.  Our rhetoric called men to
Jerusalem with swords in hand as Christ
Himself commanded.  Fields ran red with sliced-
Up children, men, expectant mothers, too--

The serpent crushed within the egg can't grow
To blaspheme God or strike at others.  Though
Much bloody work, we had no choice.  Our trust

As shepherds left no option--shepherds must
Protect their lambs.  The Eastern fields ran red
With menaces that shepherds rightly bled.


We tended, too, our wandering sheep inside
The one true church. Thus, to our eastern side
We led the roaming churches back to Rome
While bringing, too, more unity at home

Among the many Occidentals who
Now shared a common venture.  Joined anew,
They focused on a foreign infidel
And Grace that comes from others sent to Hell--

Though we regret our actual person could
Not quit Rome's luscious palaces.  We would
Have joined the foreign danger, blood, and grind

Had our position not kept us behind.
A headless body could not wage a war.
We were the head and lodged in Rome therefore.

© Harold Anthony Lloyd 2016
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