Friday, June 3, 2016

Apology Box Additions: Sampson & Delilah

                        Sampson’s Sonnet 

The day misleads.  We’re blessed by losing eyes
Too easily distracted by the rose
That colors over thorns, insects, and blight,
And feigns geometries in petals though
True lines and circles never can be drawn
On warped and pitted canvases of earth.

The very structure of the eye proclaims
That sight has little worth.  Jehovah would
Not make such fragile orbs for vision if
It were a thing for us to treasure much.
Delilah is more proof.  Unseen she could
Not use her outer bloom for treachery.

By losing eyes, I took on better sight
And found more focus in the dark than light. 

                  Delilah’s Sonnet

How could betrayal happen to a man
Who’d made a wager, murdered when he’d lost,
Who knowingly pushed massive pillars down
To crush a child that led him to the place,
Who’d used his trust, dominion over beasts,
To bind their tails and send them off in flames?
(I still can hear the awful yelping of
The twice-red foxes till the fires consumed
Their tiny throats and tongues.)  I had no choice.

He was a monster.  Villainy requires
Containment which we did—yet let him live,
A courtesy he failed to show himself
In taking his own life that we had spared.

Delilah in return should, too, be spared. 

© Harold Anthony Lloyd 2016

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